Data Center Light

Finally, an affordable VM hosting in Switzerland!


  • Reuses existing factory halls instead of building a new expensive building.

  • Only wants you to pay for what you actually need.

  • Is creative, using a modern and alternative design for a data center in order to make it more sustainable and affordable at the same time.

  • Cuts down the costs for you by using FOSS (Free Open Source Software) exclusively, wherefore we can save money from paying licenses.

Scale out

We don't use special hardware. We use commodity hardware: we buy computers that you buy. Just many more and put them in a cozy home for computers called data center.

Reliable and light

Our VMs are located in Switzerland, with reliable power supply and fast internet connection. Our VM costs less thanks to our featherlight infrastructure.

Simple and affordable: Try our virtual machine with featherlight price.

Ready in 30 seconds.
Experience the unbeatable speed from Data Center Light.

VM hosting

15 CHF/month

VAT included

Hosted in Switzerland

GB Storage (SSD)

Contact us

ungleich glarus ag

Bahnhofstrasse 1, 8783 Linthal


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