Full control
Social Media

Time to take full control of your social media

It's about time to take the control of your social media, where you and your community share your life and core values. Mastodon enables your community to stay connected without any compromise - be it your privacy, security, or control. You will be able to decide what matters to you the most.

The ungleich Mastodon Hosting offer

Imagine your social media in a perfect world. Let's start with recycled server that runs with 100 % renewable energy. It will be hosted in a place with the highest security and privacy standards. The instance will be maintained by the experts who passionately believes in decentralisation and they will never think of selling or monetizing your data. And you have the full control of how the social media should run.

That's your Hosted Mastodon at ungleich.

Simple Pricing

Our pricing is very simple: Each instance includes 45 CHF/month base price that includes network connectivity, maintenance and software upgrades. The rest is depending on the size of allocated resources such as CPU core, RAM, SSD and HDD.

There is a 50 CHF one-time initial set up fee as Mastodon instances are set up manually by our team.

Limitless scaling

You can flexibly scale your instance as your community or userbase grows. We apply the following pricing for each resources.

  • 1 CPU core: 3 CHF/Month
  • 1 GB RAM: 4 CHF/Month
  • 10 GB SSD (used for storing the database): 3.5 CHF/Month
  • 100 GB HDD (used for storing media): 2 CHF/Month

The Mastodon Setup

When you want to run mastodon and be part of the fediverse, you need a domain like YOURNAME.social. This is the domain that your users will be known under.

Free domains

You can use your own domain, like social.YOURDOMAIN.org or you can go with one of the following domains we offer for free. Just keep in mind that once set, your domain can not be changed anymore.

The following domains are offered free of charge by ungleich:

  • YOURNAME.ipv6.social
  • YOURNAME.0co2.cloud
  • YOURNAME.hjk.li

How it works

After you order one of the offers below, our real human team will get back to you with set up quetsions. After we receive the needed information we will manually set up your instance on the server in our Swiss datacenter. It will take 1 or 2 business days for completion and we will give you the access information via email.

Mastodon Starter 92 CHF/Month

  • Suitable for small group of non-heavy users
  • 4 Core, 6 GB RAM, 20 GB SSD DB storage, 200 GB HDD data storage
  • Maintenance fee 45 CHF/month included
  • One time setup fee 50 CHF

Mastodon Community 172 CHF/Month (Recommended)

  • Recommended for communities
  • Carefree photo and media upload
  • 8 Core, 12 GB RAM, 100 GB SSD DB storage, 1000 GB HDD data storage
  • Maintenance fee 45 CHF/month included
  • One time setup fee 50 CHF

Mastodon Pro 464 CHF/month

  • Recommended for big communities
  • Carefree photo and media upload
  • 16 Core, 24 GB RAM, 500 GB SSD DB storage, 5000 GB HDD data storage
  • Maintenance fee 45 CHF/month included
  • One time setup fee 50 CHF


The ungleich promise

We are committed to Open Source and decentralisation. We are very happy to host your Mastodon instance, but in case you want to move on, we will help you to do so and provide you with the following data:

  • PostgreSQL database dump
  • Tar file of the data directory

The fee for the export is 50 CHF, as it is a manual process.

Moving your existing Mastodon instance to ungleich

If you already have an instance and you want to migrate it to us, we can also help you with that. You provide us with a database dump (postgresql) and the data (tarball). We offer the import package for 85 CHF..

Test ungleich mastodon

We've been hosting ipv6.social for some time, our own Mastodon instance for advocating IPv6 and decentralisation. You're welcome to join today and take a look at the world of Mastodon.