Open Chat

Open Source requires Open Communication

You can chat with us on

How to join the chat

IPv6 Chat

To foster IPv6 deployement, we created, which is also reachable via matrix. Follow above instructions and type /join instead.


Are you interested in the 1000eyes project? Then do not hesitate to /join


If you own a VIIRB or if you are interested in a VIIRB, where people interested in the VIIRB exchange their ideas.

Data Center Light

For discussion and questions about Data Center Light, you can /join Anything about VMs, hosting, colocation or our setup can be discussed there.

Hacking and Learning

Specifically for learning new technologies and to exchange knowledge we created the Hacking & Learning channel which can be found at


Recently (in 2021) we started to run Kubernetes cluster at ungleich. We share our experiences in


To exchange experiences and trouble shooting for ceph, we are running


We meet for cdist discussions about using, developing and more on


We discuss topics related to sustainability in

More channels

  • The main / hangout channel is (also bridged to Freenode IRC as #ungleich and discord)
  • The bi-yearly hackathon Hack4Glarus can be found in
  • An unofficial bridge to the RIPE #social IRC channel: (also bridged to discord, thanks to spale for providing the server)

Bridged Channels

And some of our channels are also available on IRC, you can find them on the list of bridged channels.