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General inquiries

You can send an email to info at

Support requests

You can send an email to support at


Feel free to join our Open Community Chat. For support requests you can ping us in any of the public rooms and we will create a private room for you.

Data Center Light Status

There is a dedicated matrix room as well as Mattermost channel for status announcements.

You can use any regular matrix account to connect to our Matrix. For Mattermost you need to create an account.

The status announcements are also shared on Twitter @datacenterlight and Mastodon


  • ungleich glarus ag Bahnhofstrasse 1, 8783 Linthal
  • ungleich GmbH Hauptstrasse 14, 8775 Luchsingen


  • +41 55 505 62 66

Coworking Space / Education Center