Digital Chalet Schwanden

The start of Digital Glarus!


In 2014 ungleich relocated from the city of Zurich to the canton of Glarus. After moving we were so impressed by the landscape and the ability to finally work fully concentrated that we wanted to share this experience with others.

The idea of a "Digital Glarus was born.

From 2014 to 2015 we looked at various locations and settled for an 19th century house in the pretty village of Schwanden. We even still have pictures of the renovation of the Digital Chalet online!

The Digital Chalet

Just two days after opening, the first group came for an offsite work-weekend. Just soon after the first students moved into the Digital Chalet. Something that many people we talked to doubted.

Something that many locals did not see is that the canton of Glarus is really, really, pretty. Compared to a lot of places in the world. And it is also very stable. And it can easily be reached by train, even without ever changing from Zurich.

The longer the Digital Chalet was open, the more we heard from people who really love staying here and how they can relax much better than in a city.

...leads to Digital Glarus

After getting so much positive feedback, we decided to grow the project, to make the location more known. For that reason we created the project "Digital Glarus" with the objective to allow people from outside of Glarus to enjoy this place.

The first...

The Digital Chalet is the first of many things. It is the first coworking space of Glarus - every! It is also the first location of Digital Glarus. It is probably also the first 19th century house in the canton with a 10Gbit/s+ network connection (fiber can do more, but we have "only" 10 Gbit/s transceivers installed).

It is also the place in which we first started with the Data Center Light prototype.

It is probably also the first house in the canton to feature a LoRaWAN gateway.

We are not sure if it is the first house that can be opened via mobile phone, but it certainly isn't the last.

Innovating in Digital Glarus

As you can see, we are doing quite a lot of new things here in Digital Glarus. If you want to relax, hack or work somewhere else or if you are a student in Zurich, feel free to join us!