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Open Source & Zero Carbon Gift Idea

Want to give something sustainable and cutting-edge to your family, friends, coworkers for the holidays?
Gift something made of completely Open Source and Zero Carbon. With our gift card you can choose whichever product you want: be it our Matrix Chat, a Virtual Machine, a VIIRB or the Zero Carbon Cloud. Introduce your loved ones to the technology that cares for the future.

Our gift card is usable for all our products, starting with the price of as little as 30 CHF. This is also an awesome way to try our products hassle-free.

What you can use the Gift Card for

Zero Carbon Cloud (Starts from 23 CHF/Month, initial setup fee 35 CHF)

Zero Carbon VPS (Starts from 2.5 CHF/Month) 

Zero Carbon Chat (Starts from 40 CHF/Month, initial setup fee 30 CHF)

Hosted Matrix Chat (Starts from 40 CHF/Month, initial setup fee 30 CHF)

VIIRB - VPN IPv6 IoT Router Box (Starts from 58 CHF, shipping will be added according to the destination)

PIB - Pro IPv6 Box (Starts from 290 CHF, shipping will be added according to the destination)

IPv6 VPN (Starts from 120 CHF/year)

IPv6 Holiday Kit VIIRB, IPv6 T-shirt, IPv6 Stickers (Starts from 100 CHF, shipping will be added according to the destination)

IPv6 Camera (Starts from 65 CHF)

IPv6 Sticker set (Starts from 12 CHF)

IPv6 T-shirt (Starts from 50 CHF)


Above product prices are excluding VAT.


ungleich Gift Card

A Gift made in Switzerland with 100% renewable energy, Open Source technology and a lot of love.

Choose your gift card:

How to use the gift card

1. Choose a gift card amount and go through the checkout.

2. Drop us an email to and let us know the name and email of gift card receiver.

3. We will get in touch with the gift card receiver and help them to use the gift card.