Take a break
from IPv4
IPv6 Holiday Kit

What it is

Off to your holidays and want to take some fun with you? Take our IPv6 Holiday Kit: It's a set of our best IPv6 treats: VIIRB, IPv6 t-shirt, and 3 IPv6 stickers.

1. VIIRB (VPN IPv6 IoT Router Box)

The VIIRB is pre-configured with a Wireguard VPN. You can plug in VIIRB and you'll get IPv6 anywhere, anytime. The IPv6 connectivity is provided by Data Center Light.

VIIRB features

  • Operating System: Linux (OpenWRT)
  • Size: 28mm x 30mm x 30mm
  • CPU: MT7628, 580 MHz, MIPS 24K
  • Memory: 128MB, DDR2, 166MHz
  • Storage: 16M NOR on board, support SDXC up to 2TB
  • Wifi: 802.11n, 2T2R, speed up to 300Mbps. (disabled by default, if you want Wifi enabled IPv6 holiday kit, you can opt for VIWIB instead of VIIRB)
  • Antenna: One U.FL slot, one on board antenna.
  • Ethernet: 1 port, up to 100Mbps.
  • USB: Support USB 2.0, up to 480MBit/s.
  • USB debugging: there is a serial console on the micro USB port
  • Audio: 3.5mm jack (in/out)
  • Power supply: 3.6V ~ 5.5V, 500mA
  • Power Consumption: 74mA wifi standby, 230mA wifi full speed, 5V input.

Reguar price: 73 CHF

2. IPv6 t-shirt

What do you want to wear on your IPv6 holiday? IPv6 T-shirt of course, what else. This cotton t-shirt declares your love for IPv6 on the front: and our IPv6 penguin got your back. (Yes, there is the IPv6 penguin printed on the back!) This shirt will certainly make you smile when you put it on.

  • Material: 100% cotton.
  • Size: S, M, L, XL (Very few left), 2XL (Very few left)

The size is on the slimmer side, we advise to take one size up if you like a comfort fit.

  • Limited edition, designed and printed in Switzerland
  • Unisex fit.

Regular price: 50 CHF

3. IPv6 stickers x3

Last but not least, we include 3 of our beloved IPv6 stickers in the IPv6 holiday pack. One for your laptop, one for your bike, one for your car.

  • Size: 62mm x 60mm
  • Material: Outdoor UV-coated sticker

Regular price: 12 CHF

Bonus: IPv6VPN included

A free subscription of IPv6 VPN for 1 year is included. This way you can plug in the VIIRB and just get started with IPv6.

Regular price: 120 CHF


Our IPv6 holiday kit is only 115 CHF for a limited period while our stock lasts.

Regular price would be 73 CHF (VIIRB) + 50 CHF (t-shirt) + 12 CHF (stickers) + 120 CHF (VPN) = 255 CHF. You save 140 CHF!

Wifi enabled IPv6 Holiday Kit

You can also opt for VIWIB instead of VIIRB as your IPv6 Holiday Kit! The price for VIWIB IPv6 Holiday Kit is 110 CHF, just 5 CHF less than the VIIRB kit.

Shipping costs

We ship world wide. If your country of residence is not in the list below, get in touch with our support and we will let you know the shipping cost. You can order multiple VIIRBs within the same package.

Country Economy (no tracking) Priority (with tracking)
Switzerland, Liechtenstein 10 CHF 14 CHF
Denmark, Finland, Sweden 14 CHF 24 CHF
Germany, Austria, France 14 CHF 24 CHF
Portugal, Italy, Spain 14 CHF 24 CHF
Latvia, The Netherlands, Iceland 14 CHF 24 CHF
Romania, Great Britain, Czech Republic 14 CHF 24 CHF
South Korea 16 CHF 29 CHF
Canada, US, India, Australia 23 CHF 29 CHF


We deliver worldwide. You can place an order with a credit card and send us an email with your shipping address and your t-shirt size to support -at- ungleich.ch. Payment via wire transfer is also available, get in touch with our support with your shipping address.

All prices exluding VAT.

IPv6 Holiday Kit shipped to Switzerland 125 CHF

  • 1 VIIRB, 1 IPv6 Tshirt, 3 IPv6 stickers
  • 1 year subscription of IPv6 VPN included

IPv6 Holiday Kit shipped to EU 129 CHF

  • 1 VIIRB, 1 IPv6 Tshirt, 3 IPv6 stickers
  • 1 year subscription of IPv6 VPN included