WiFi IoT Box


The VIWIB is the bigger sister of our VIIRB. Compared to the VIIRB, VIWIB has 2 Ethernet ports and a reliable WiFi. It is also slightly bigger in size (58 x 58 x 25mm). However it does not weigh much - in fact, it only weighs 40g!

VIWIB use cases

The main use case of the VIWIB is the same as the VIIRB: to bring IPv6 everywhere in the world. As the hardware differs slightly to the VIIRB, we have some different use cases in mind for the VIWIB:

IPv6 only Wifi

The VIWIB comes with a built-in WiFi network. The default SSID is "IPv6 everywhere" and the default password is "iloveipv6". The broadcasted WiFi is IPv6 only with DNS64 and NAT64 enabled.

To show that IPv6 is fun, the default sub network id for the wifi is "7ea", which reads similar to "tea". So if your VPN network was 2001:db8:ace::/48, the wifi network would be 2001:db8:ace:7ea::/64.

IPv6-only LAN

If you connect the LAN port to an unused network switch, the VIWIB will create an IPv6-only network. It is very similar to the WiFi.

To show that IPv6 is fun, the default subnetwork id for the LAN is "cafe", which reads similar to ... you get point.

Dual stack LAN

If you connect the LAN port to an existing network with IPv4 connecvitity, the VIWIB will create a dual stack network. Whichever mode you prefer, is up to you to decide!

How it works

The VIWIB, like the VIIRB, uses the IPv6VPN to get IPv6 connectivity. The VIWIB is also 100% Open Source, and by default the firewall is configured to allow outgoing connections from LAN and WiFi towards the VPN. Incoming ICMP6, SSH, HTTP and HTTPS are open by default, too.

Tech details

  • Operating System: Linux (OpenWRT)
  • Size: 58 x 58 x 25mm
  • Weight: 40g
  • CPU: MTK7628NN @580Mhz SoC
  • Memory: 128MB
  • Storage: 16M Flash
  • Wifi: 802.11 b/g/n
  • Ethernet: 2 ports, up to 100Mbps.
  • USB: USB 2.0
  • Power supply: 5V/1A Micro USB
  • Power Consumption: <2.75W

The VIWIB is based on the GL-MT300N-V2, OpenWrt and is pre-configured with the IPv6VPN.

IPv6VPN included

A free subscription for 1 year is included. This way you can plug in the VIWIB and just get started with IPv6.


Update 2024-02-07: VIWIB is temporarily out of stock

Thanks to your love, VIWIB is temporarily out of stock. You can preorder it now to receive it when we have them back in stock. Restocking is estimated to be at the end of March 2024. Get in touch with us at if you want to learn more about the other products we have in stock.

The price of the VIWIB is 68 CHF.

If you need a power supply, we can ship it with a European style connector for 15 CHF.

All prices exclude VAT and shipping costs.

Shipping costs

We ship world wide. If your country of residence is not in the list below, get in touch with our support and we will let you know the shipping cost. You can order multiple VIIRBs within the same package.

Country Economy (no tracking) Priority (with tracking)
Switzerland, Liechtenstein 10 CHF 14 CHF
Denmark, Finland, Sweden 14 CHF 24 CHF
Germany, Austria, France 14 CHF 24 CHF
Portugal, Italy, Spain 14 CHF 24 CHF
Latvia, The Netherlands, Iceland 14 CHF 24 CHF
Romania, Great Britain, Czech Republic 14 CHF 24 CHF
South Korea 16 CHF 29 CHF
Canada, US, India, Australia 23 CHF 29 CHF

You can order with a credit card via following links. Payment via wire transfer is also available, get in touch with our support with your shipping address.


The following countries can get the VIWIB with priority shipping with tracking. If you want to receive VIIRB with tracked shipping, get in touch with our team with your shipping address.


All VIIRB add-ons are compatible with the VIWIB! So you can turn your VIWIB into an IPv6 camera, an IPv6 thermometer, an IPv6 LTE/4G router, into an IPv6 GPS tracker, use multiple add-ons or even turn the VIWIB into a security system!

Turning the VIWIB into an IPv6 camera

You can turn the VIWIB into an IPv6 streaming camera with a compatible USB-Webcam. For 25 CHF you can add a tested, HD (1280x720) USB camera to your VIWIB order.

Turning the VIWIB into an IPv6 thermometer

If you want to know how hot (or cold) it is, you can use an USB temperature sensor to measure the temperature. For 20 CHF you can add a tested temperature sensor to your VIWIB order.

Turning the VIWIB into an LTE/4G router

Using an USB 4G Modem you can use the VIWIB to enable a network not only with IPv6, but also with Internet connectivity in general.

For 75 CHF you can add a 4G modem to your VIWIB order.

Turning the VIWIB into a GPS tracker

The VIWIB is small and universal. What if you could use it to track things? Like your car, your bike, your boat? And check where your things are using IPv6?

You can add the USB GPS tracker add on for 25 CHF as a single device.

Multiple Add-Ons via USB Hub

To connect more than one add-on to the VIWIB, you will need a USB-Hub. For 25 CHF you can add a verified, 4 Port USB hub to your VIWIB order.

The VIWIB autonomous security system

The VIWIB can be turned into an autonomous security system with the following add-ons:

  • USB Hub (to support multiple add-ons)
  • LTE/4G Router (Internet Uplink, excluding SIM card)
  • GPS Tracker (To record where the VIWIB is)
  • USB Camera (To stream what the VIWIB can see)

The autonomous security system set can be added to your VIWIB order for 150 CHF (218 CHF including the VIWIB).

More of it

If you need more ports, Gigabit support, more RAM and more storage, you can checkout our VIGIR.

If you prefer a smaller device and you do not need wifi, we recommend to checkout our VIIRB.