Get IPv6
Anywhere, anytime


You can use our IPv6 VPN to connect your office. Or your notebook. Or to create your own VPN concentrator.

State of the art

The ungleich IPv6 is powered by Wireguard. Wireguard is a light weight, portable and easy to use technology. And it comes with a /48 IPv6 network routed!

Works anywhere

The VPN works in situations where you have NAT, NAT64 or other network inspection modes in place. It just requires UDP traffic to pass.


At ungleich we believe that IPv6 should be available everywhere. To help you connecting to IPv6 only resources, we offer the IPv6-VPN.

We believe that IPv6 is an enabler for many organisations, companies, developers and freelancers. For this reason we created the VPN, which enables you to have IPv6 connectivity from wherever you are for 120 CHF/year.

One VPN is free for all existing customers with resources on Data Center Light.

You can find more about the VPN and technical details, on

IPv4 address support

We also support mapped IPv4 addresses on the IPv6VPN. With our NAT64 technology we map a static, public IPv4 address to a dedicated IPv6 address.

This way you only need to manage IPv6 on your end, but you are world wide IPv4 reachable. See below for sample pricings of up to 2 IPv4 addresses. Reach out to our support if you require more mapped IPv4 addresses.

Related products

IPv6 VPN 120 CHF/Year

  • IPv6 addresses registerd in Switzerland
  • 80 bit of IPv6 space
  • Encrypted
  • with a /48 network

1 mapped IPv4 address (additional 24 CHF/Year, 50 CHF setup fee)

2 mapped IPv4 address (additional 160 CHF/Year, 50 CHF setup fee)

  • Usable with an existing IPv6VPN
  • 2 static public IPv4 addresses
  • Mapped to an IPv6 address via NAT64
  • 50 CHF one time setup fee