IPv4 to
IPv6 Proxy


The IPv4-to-IPv6 proxy allows your IPv6 only resources to be reachable from the legacy IP (IPv4) Internet. It supports the following protocols:

  • HTTP

When to use the IPv4-to-IPv6 proxy?

If you have a website that is running on an IPv6 only webserver, you can use this service to enable access from the IPv4 Internet to it.

It can be used with IPv6onlyhosting.com VMs or other IPv6 only services in the Internet.


The IPv4-to-IPv6 proxy is free for up to 10 domains per VM for VM customers.

  • Up to 10 domains (for non VM customers): 5 CHF/month (0.5 CHF/domain)
  • Up to 100 domains: 30 CHF/month (0.3 CHF/domain)
  • Up to 1000 domains: 100 CHF/month (0.1 CHF/domain)
  • Above 1000 domains: on request

The pricing includes 15 TB traffic/month.

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If you are providing services that are only reachable by IPv4 and want to make them accessible by IPv6, our IPv6-to-IPv4 Proxy helps you to accomplish the opposite translation.

Technical documentation

Technical details about the service can be found on the redmine wiki.