IPv6 to
IPv4 Proxy


The IPv6-to-IPv4 proxy allows existing IPv4 (also know as legacy IP) resources to be reachable from the current IP (IPv6) Internet. It supports the following protocols:

  • HTTP

When to use the IPv6-to-IPv4 proxy?

More and more clients devices like mobile phones, computers and even whole companies network are switched to IPv6 only due to the IPv4 address shortage and the maintenance overhead for dual stack networks.

Most, but not all, of these devices can still reach the IPv4 Internet via translation services like NAT64. However with every NAT process, a litte bit of latency is added.

And the higher the latency is, the slower a website loads for a customer.

With our IPv6-to-IPv4 proxy you can make your IPv4 only website accessible for clients on IPv6 only networks without a NAT service.


You can order the IPv6-to-IPv4 proxy in two different variants: the standard IPv6-to-IPv4 proxy and the caching IPv6-to-IPv4 proxy.

If you are not sure which one to choose, you can always start with the standard IPv6-to-IPv4 proxy and later switch to the caching IPv6-to-IPv4 proxy.

The pricing includes 15 TB traffic/month.

The standard IPv6-to-IPv4 proxy

  • Up to 10 domains: 5 CHF/month (0.5 CHF/domain)
  • Up to 100 domains: 30 CHF/month (0.3 CHF/domain)
  • Up to 1000 domains: 100 CHF/month (0.1 CHF/domain)
  • Above 1000 domains: on request

The caching IPv6-to-IPv4 proxy

This proxy allows IPv6 only clients to access the content of your IPv4 only services even faster.

  • Caching IPv6-to-IPv4 proxy S with 1 Core, 2 GB RAM, 10 GB SSD: 35.5 CHF/month
  • Caching IPv6-to-IPv4 proxy M with 4 Core, 8 GB RAM, 50 GB SSD: 82.5 CHF/month
  • Caching IPv6-to-IPv4 proxy L with 8 Core, 16 GB RAM, 10 GB SSD, 1TB HDD: 132.5 CHF/month

The price consists of a VM plus 20 CHF maintenance fee/month.

The one time setup fee is 30 CHF.

The higher the amount of RAM and SSD, the more size for caching your website is available.

Caching objects requires to inspect the network connection. For this reason the caching proxy uses its own SSL certificate and re-encrypts the traffic to your backend host.

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