IPv6 Camera

What it is

Imagine a camera with world wide reachability without any hacks or quirks. That's our IPv6 camera.

IPv6 Camera "The Eye"

IPv6 Camera, a.k.a "The Eye" works within all kinds of networks: IPv4only, IPv6only, IPv4+IPv6. It even brings its own IPv6 connectivity by using IPv6VPN.

Name your camera

When you order your camera you get to choose a cool name for viewing what your camera sees! Any name under the domain 1000ey.es is offered for free.

Fully Open Source

Like everything we do at ungleich, the whole stack is fully Open Source.

  • The operating system: OpenWRT.
  • The VPN software: wireguard.
  • The video streaming server: mjpg-streamer or motion (still has to be decided for the final shipment).

All files that are required to configure the IPv6-eye can be found in the ungleich-tools repository.

Crowdfunding the cameras

We are sourcing this camera via crowdfunding. We will need to get 100 units to place a minimum order to the manufacturer.


If we exceed the minimum goal of 100 IPv6 eyes, we will add some exciting goodies that you can opt in. Just to name a few,

  • A battery and solar panel option
  • 4G/LTE option
  • IPv4 proxy support for every eye - that means every eye will also be accessible from the IPv4 Internet


  • IPv6 Camera with world wide shipping for VERY EARLY BIRD price: 90 CHF (Limited stock)
  • IPv6 Camera with world wide shipping for EARLY BIRD price: 100 CHF (Limited stock)
  • IPv6 Camera with world wide shipping price: 123 CHF

Very Early Bird and Early Bird is each limited to 8 and 20 units.

How to place an order

We deliver worldwide. You can place a preorder on our crowdfunding page Our team will get back to you with payment information. You can choose to get a full refund when we do not reach our crowdfunding goal amount.