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Hosted in Switzerland

Zero Carbon Chat is hosted exclusively in Switzerland, offering its political stability and strict privacy laws as advantages

Full control over your privacy

Have full control over your privacy with zero compromise. Your Zero Carbon Chat conversation stays only with you without 3rd parties access.

Thoroughly sustainable

With Zero Carbon Chat you are not using fossil fuels or unsustainable energy sources. Your chat is running on infrastructure 100% run by renewable energy.

What is Zero Carbon Chat?

Zero Carbon Chat is a secure and sustainable alternative to your Slack or Skype, Whatsapp. Our chat offers enhanced security and full control over your privacy, and it is hosted at a datacenter run by 100% renewable energy. By using Zero Carbon Chat instead of other environmentally unsustainable chats, you and your community will help our planet stay cooler while keeping your message private.

Whom is Zero Carbon Chat for?

Zero carbon chat is suitable for everybody who ueses chat or messanger, and wants to make a better choice for our environmental future. It is especially suitable for the following use case.

  • If you are looking for a team chat with as little carbon footprint as possible
  • If you are using Slack and want to move away from it to a secure alternative without confusing your users: Zero Carbon Chat has a very enduser-friendly user interface that offers a seamless transition from Slack in terms of UX.
  • If you are looking for a team chat/group communication with an extremely easy invitation management fit for people with diverse backgrounds
  • If you are looking for a team chat that is fast for joining different channels/rooms
  • If you are looking for a chat with linear scaling for system overheads
  • If you are dealing with sensitive data over your chat that needs to be protected against the unstable political situation
  • If your team needs a communication platform that does not betray the team's values: in other words, if your team values protecting the environment.

How can I access it?

You can access the chat easily from your browser or from the mobile app.

Zero Carbon Chat Plans

You can start Zero Carbon Chat with below pricing plans. The cost is made of two parts, a one-time initial setup fee and the monthly plan you choose. Our team will get in touch with you as soon as we receive the order and will give you the access to the chat in 2 business days. Growing your chat after starting a plan is very easy and can be done anytime: you can schedule your upgrade with our team for free to find the ideal time for you.

Light Chat 36 CHF/Month

  • Up to 50 users
  • Fully scalable anytime (1.5 CHF/Month for 100 GB HDD)
  • Application firewall included
  • Initial setup fee 30 CHF

Recommended for a small group

Community Chat 63 CHF/Month

  • Up to 100 users
  • Fully scalable anytime (1.5 CHF/Month for 100 GB HDD)
  • Application firewall included
  • Initial setup fee 30 CHF

Recommended for small to medium groups

Power Chat 157 CHF/Month

  • Up to 1000 users
  • Fully scalable anytime (1.5 CHF/Month for 100 GB HDD)
  • Application firewall included
  • Initial setup fee 30 CHF

Recommended for large groups


Tech stack

Zero Carbon Chat is your own Mattermost instance maintained and hosted at our hydroelectric datacenter located in Switzerland.

At Zero Carbon Chat you will have

  • Every connection to the chat secured by https
  • Fully scalable chat
  • Unlimited bandwidth under fair use policy
  • Our Zero Carbon emission chat badge exposable on your website
  • Your chat data protected by Swiss privacy laws
  • Monthly or yearly credit card, or wire transfer as the payment option
  • Discount for larger plans so you can be compensated more for the carbon emission you avoided

At Zero Carbon Chat you will not have

  • Chat data physically hosted at servers powered by fossil fuel or other unsustainable energy sources
  • Your privacy compromise from storing your data in a country where authorities have global access to your data
  • Spam mails from us that use unnecessary bytes that cost all of us from our environment
  • Cryptocurrency as payment option
  • Unnecessary frills in our web interface which require more computing power and result in more carbon emission