Open, Secure
Decentralized Chat

What is Matrix?

Matrix is a modern and decentralised, open-source chat solution backed by a dynamic community. It provides advanced user-focused features such as end-to-end encryption, bridging or audio & video calls.

  • The strongest point of Matrix is federation: a Matrix homeserver allows you to manage your own community and to join the whole Matrix network. You will be able to exchange with users on any other Matrix server without any special configuration!
  • You can enable end-to-end encryption (E2EE): only the sender and intended receiver(s) will be able to read the messages. Even ungleich, who manages the matrix server, will not be able to access the content of E2EE messages.
  • Our Matrix servers are provided with a TURN server: you'll be able to use voice and video calls out of the box.
  • You can bridge to other networks: Mattermost instances, IRC, Slack, Telegram and more via Matterbridge.


The evolution of Matrix is managed through an open governance process, supervised by The Foundation. All the software backing the network is Free and Open Source, which guarantees quality and security.

Secure & decentralized

Both end-to-end encryption and federation are built-in into Matrix. The former will be enabled by default in the near future, making it a valuable tool for activists and privacy-minded people all across the world.

Zero Carbon

We host your Matrix homeserver in our own datacenter in Switzerland, which we believe to be as ecologically-friendly as a datacenter can get: we use old factory halls, recycled servers, passive cooling and our servers are directly plugged into a hydroelectric power plant.

Growing fast!

As of February 2020, the Matrix network supports ~13.5M visible accounts, ~5.0M messages a day, ~40.000 federated servers and even governments!

A lot of privacy, security and usability work is going on: Matrix will get even more awesome in the coming months!

You can follow the blog to get frequent updates on Matrix's development, and chat with us on!

Hosted Matrix Chat

We will provide you with your own dedicated Matrix home server, as well as a hosted web client. Matrix requires a domain name in order to join the global networks, which will appear in your username (e.g. you can either use a subdomain of (e.g. or your own domain name. We will deploy a Matterbridge) instance (bridging to Mattermost, IRC, Slack, Telegram, ...) on demand.

There are many Matrix clients, although we strongly recommend Element web which is the most advanced at the moment.

How the pricing works

We try to be as transparent as possible for our Matrix pricing. The pricing is made of 2 essential parts.

  • a one-time set up fee for initially setting up the Matrix instance for you. We set up the Matrix and also customize* the login page with your own logo and text.
  • a monthly maintenance fee that includes the price of a dedicated virtual machine(VM)** and the fee for maintaining the service.

You're all set with above 2 costs for starting your own Matrix.

* Further customization such as favicon, background and more is possible at additional fee, get in touch with us to learn more.

** The number of users or size of rooms depend on the size of your VM, and you can scale them anytime you want. The extention will be done according to our standard VM pricing.

Your usecase doesn't fit the offers below? We do custom-sized deployment for you. Get in touch with us by email or even on matrix, via!

You will find more details on our Matrix-as-a-Service FAQ and on Matrix's official documentation.

You might be also interested in our Mattermost-based chat offer, which might be closer to what you expect for a enterprise team chat at the moment. We use both at ungleich, since Matrix is especially convenient to reach out to the world!
Matrix-S 40 CHF/Month

  • VM with 1 Core, 2 GB RAM, 10 GB SSD and 100 GB HDD
  • Maintenance fee 25 CHF/month included
  • Application firewall included
  • Initial setup fee 30 CHF

Matrix-M 63 CHF/Month

  • VM with 2 Core, 4 GB RAM, 10 GB SSD and 500 GB HDD
  • Maintenance fee 30 CHF/month included
  • Application firewall included
  • Initial setup fee 30 CHF

Matrix-L 157 CHF/Month

  • VM with 8 Core, 16 GB RAM, 10 GB SSD and 1000 GB HDD
  • Maintenance fee 50 CHF/month included
  • Application firewall included
  • Initial setup fee 30 CHF


Additional offers

  • Bridging to other networks using matterbridge is a 10 CHF setup fee and 5 CHF/month maintenance fee. It supports the following protocols: Discord Gitter IRC Keybase Matrix Mattermost 4.x, 5.x Microsoft Teams Slack Ssh-chat Steam Telegram Twitch WhatsApp XMPP Zulip

Matrix UI/UX development support program

On 2020-04-21 we started our new support program to specifically enhance the UI and UX of Matrix. With this program we want to enhance the usability of the web client and the apps.

How the matrix support program works

If you want to support UI/UX improvements of Matrix, you can support the work financially with 15 CHF (roughly about 15 USD) as a one time or monthly payment (below 15 CHF is costing too much in transfer fees).

To do so, write an email with the subject "I want to support the Matrix UI/UX improvements" to support -at- and include the amount that you are willing to contribute and whether you want to pay via credit card or wire transfer.

Also mention whether you want to be publicly listed as a supporter on this website.

Development and transparency

All money that comes in will only be used to finance development and design work related to Matrix. We will continuously update this website with contributions and which tasks we work on.

Why is ungleich doing this?

We at ungleich think that Matrix has one really, really huge edge over almost all other solutions: it is really decentralised and federated. It finally solves the problems of data silos that exists in many places in IT.

However we do acknowledge that Matrix can benefit a lot from UI/UX improvements and thus we wanted to create an easy way for anyone to contribute to it.

List of tasks / work