Customize Your Matrix

You can seamlessly integrate Matrix into your projects and applications. Benefit from the security and federation features of Matrix while tailoring it to align with your specific use case.

Custom Authentication and Login

You can have your Matrix adapted to any existing authentication systems. If you already have an existing LDAP/SAML/SSO(Single Sign-On)/AD or plan to have one, you can make use of the user accounts from those systems. This allows users to log into the Matrix using their exsting account credentials. This also allows easily onboarding or offboarding a user account for the administrator.

Integration into Private Networks

Do you have specific project requirements that demand running Matrix in isolated environments? Our team of experts can support you in developing, deploying, and maintaining Matrix within closed or private setups to meet your needs.

Add or Remove Features on Matrix

Are you considering implementing custom changes or adding new features to your Matrix setup? Our team of experts can guide you on the most effective approach to bring these modifications to life. With our extensive Matrix development experience across governments, educational institutions, corporations, and activism communities, we are equipped to facilitate the creation of the features you require.

Matrix-based App Development

If you plan to create an android or ios app based on Matrix, we're here to provide comprehensive support. Our consultancy covers technical viability, optimization of specific features, and long-term maintenance considerations.

Get in touch with our team

What is possible or not possible with your Matrix custom development, and with what cost? Get in touch with our team at to start a conversation about the potential of your customized Matrix project.