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Fully Sustainable

Matrix for Climate is a clean chat for the environment.

You can build and grow your community with as little carbon footprint as possible. The Matrix instance we run are hosted in Data Center Light, a Swiss datacenter built with sustainability to its core.



Secure Matrix chat for your action

Matrix for Climate is a secure chat that does not depend on a single point of failure and does not give away your data to the malicious third parties.

Matrix for Climate is End-to-End Encrypted (E2EE) by default. As your communication is encrypted with multiple keys, the thrid parties can not decrypt your message, including the hosting company and the law enforcement. Your communication and community data stays private and secure.



Talk to everybody via bridge while staying on Matrix

With Matrix for Climate you can engage in other chat networks such as Slack, Telegram, Whatsapp, IRC, Mattermost, Rocketchat, Discord and more by Matterbridge. The bridging allows you to stay on your own Matrix and receiving and sending messages to a bigger community. This feature is especially attractive for communities and organisations with a goal of expanding its base.

Learn more about Matterbridge


Growing with ease

Organise and grow your community without ethical compromises. You can start with any size you want and scale as you grow. 

Start from 48.5 CHF/Month

The pricing of Matrix for Climate does not limit the number of users on your chat. You can start with a plan as small as 48.5 CHF per month. 

How Pricing Works


Try it now for free

Want to try it before committing to a plan? You can create a free account and see how you like it. You can chat, join different rooms and invite others. You will join our actual work chat where all our team and the bigger community of Matrix users are working and chatting day and night. 


A free test ride on ungleich Matrix