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ungleich quiz v6

Welcome to #ungleichquiz v6 - only for real geeks!

Posted on April 21, 2018

It has been some years since Philipp and Nico launched the famous sysengquiz. Some years have passed since then, now is certainly time to launch a new edition: the ungleichquiz v6. If you are a Linux / Unix geek, you should have no trouble in solving it.

The rules are pretty simple: login to the right VM, find the answers and save your place in the hall of fame!

Quickstart - Let's dive into the quiz

  • Protocol: ssh
  • Hostname:
  • Username: system
  • Password: The md5sum of the hostname and username (look below for md5sum building rules)
  • First question is in the file that contains the same md5sum

Hint: If you have connection problems, you might not have IPv6 connectivity. You need IPv6 to connect to the host. If you don't have native IPv6 connectivity, you can install miredo or teredo to get IPv6 anywhere!


To allow the quiz run smoothly and to give everyone the same chance, here are some basic rules for all participants:

  • Do not abuse the infrastructure - we provide it for free and fun
  • Do not spoil the quiz for others - keep the answers to yourself
  • If you have questions or suggestions, contact us via


How to solve the quiz

Find the files with questions in them, answer them and find the next filename by searching for the md5sum of all answers.

How to find and the questions

The questions are stored in files distributed across the filesystem. Every question file contains the md5sum of the answers of the previous question.

How to create the md5sum

  • Convert all words to LOWER case (even if the correct form is UPPER or CamelCase)
  • In case of multiple words, keep them in order of questions
  • Create the md5sum of all words (space separated, without line feed)
  • If you are naming a command line option, use the long version (if available) and omit the leading minus character(s)
  • For example, if the answer is "Zaphod Beeblebrox", the next file will contain the md5sum "131f9799bf60e867d0f7cbe362025f85".

(You can actually use this example to verify you are using md5sum correctly)

How to make it into the hall of fame

Tweet to @ungleich with the hashtag #ungleichquiz and the level you reached, including the md5sum of your twitter handle and the answers to the last two questions.

Hints for constructing the tweet:

  • The first word of the md5sum is your twitter handle (including the @)
    • Lowercase your twitter handle
  • Include the last two answers
    • Do not include the md5sums, just the word(s)
  • In case of multiple words, keep them in order you answered them
  • Create the md5sum without line feed

Example: If you reached level 1 and the answers to it was "Zaphod Beeblebrox Hail Eris" and your twitter handle was @NicoSchottelius, tweet

    #ungleichquiz #level1 e53512e08b94c5713a3203e78ab2a356 @ungleich

(You can actually use this example to verify you are using md5sum correctly)

If you do not want to use Twitter for the quiz, you can also come to our chat and share your answer.

In that case, use your username on the chat, instead of the twitter handle.

If you answer is correct, you will make it into the hall of fame (see below)!

Hall of Fame


Who? When? Level
hnj 2018-04-25 10
@vertrackt 2018-04-26 10
@baloose 2018-04-26 10
@titioutiou 2018-04-28 10
@sLienard  2018-04-29 10
@moobyfr 2018-04-30 10
@LeahNeukirchen 2018-04-26 9
@theanarcat 2018-04-26 9
@KatolaZ 2018-04-26 9
@BarbUk 2018-04-27 9
@rk4an 2018-05-01 9
@speude 2018-05-01 8
@jaroug_ 2018-04-30 7
MichiK 2018-04-27 5
@falzm 2018-04-30 5
@silmaril34 2018-04-26 4
@DoM_gR 2018-04-30 4
@lotherk_ 2018-04-22 2
@CyborgEvilham 2018-04-22 2
@olecam 2018-04-26 2
@lcfpl 2018-04-26 2
@nVent0r 2018-04-26 2
theocrite 2018-04-26 2
@vbatoufflet 2018-04-27 2
@jf_guillou 2018-04-28 2
@scrown77 2018-04-28 2
@Frizlab 2018-04-30 2
@RitzmannMarkus 2018-04-30 2