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About Hacking Villa Diesbach

Hacking Villa Diesbach (formerly known as Gasthaus Diesbach) is a protected monument dating back from the 1800s. The building is a local landmark and is now reused as a new hub for IT and education in Glarus Süd. For a long time it served the international guests visiting the textile industry of Glarus Süd as well as the spectacular waterfall nearby. Now its door is open for people interested in the latest technology such as IPv6 and renewable-energy hosting.


About the region: Diesbach, Glarus Süd

During the heyday of Swiss textile industry, Diesbach was the very center of the action. Jeans made in Diesbach were sold all around the world. We can still see one of the biggest textile factories of that time, Legler Areal, a few steps away from Hacking Villa Diesbach. 

Water from the Alps has been a great source of life in the region. We can see the varioius installations of hydropowerplants while walking along the beautiful Linth. The beloved Diesbachfall, the most famous waterfall of canton Glarus that has been the source of inspiration and admiration, can be enjoyed from Hacking Villa's many windows. A dip in the ice-cold pool below the waterfall is a popular summer getaway for the locals as well as tourists.

Diesbach offers a closeup view to the wildlife. Spotting Marmots and mountain goats are not hard at all if you love hiking in Diesbach. From Diesbach you can easily plan any length of hike, or bike tours from short to middle to long. In Winter it offers a spectacular cross-country ski trails that stretches to the whole Glarus Süd. Enjoying nature every day in every whether is done without hassle just outside the door in Diesbach.


How to get there

Hacking Villa Diesbach 

Hauptstrasse 28

8777 Diesbach


Train:Diesbach-Betschwanden station (Direct connection to Zurich HB)

Bus: Diesbach Volg