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Frequently Asked Questions


  • What will be the course language?

Our official language is English and the courses are given in English. Courses can be taught in German if all course participants prefer to be taught in German.  

  • Do I need to bring my own notebook computer?

We highly recommend you to bring your own notebook, because that will be your continuous learning and working tool for the time after the bootcamp. But in case that is not easily possible for you, we do have computers you can use for learning.    

  • What does the course cost?

A week of course costs 5'350 Swiss Francs including the room you will stay during the bootcamp and 3 meals a day, Monday to Friday. The bootcamp is designed to let students focus on learning without having to worry about other things. If you prefer to take care of food yourself, the bootcamp can be booked without food for 4'900 Swiss Francs. For the students who want to only take the course without living or dining at the campus, it is 4'500 Swiss Francs. 

Types of package   Included   Price (CHF) 
  Learning only     5 days of Kubernetes course learning    4500 
  Learning + Accomodation     5 days of Kubernetes course, 5 Nights of Accomodation    4900
  Learning + Accomodation + Meals     5 days of Kubernetes course, 5 Nights of Accomodation, 3 meals a day    5350
  Learning + Meals    5 days of Kubernetes course, 3 meals a day   4950

All prices exclude VAT. 


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