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Jobs at ungleich

We're always looking for talented people!

Here are the available positions at ungleich. 

Senior Django Developer

Senior Django Developer (Part-time position)

Do you feel confident in Django, HTML, CSS and a bit of Javascript?
Do you think you can create nice, clean code?
And do you enjoy structuring an app nicely, reusing code where possible?

Then we might have a good match...

Screening task

To apply for this job, we ask you to provide a small sample of your skills. Please create a micro django project that does the following:

* If you are visiting via IPv4, it will show a static page saying "Sorry, only reachable by IPv6"
* If you are visiting it via IPv6, it will show a friendly cat picture
* No other features required, design up to you

Up for the challenge of being our Django developer? Show us how you solved our screening task. You can reach us at


Network engineer

Network engineer (Part-time position, 20%)


You are required to have good knowledge in IPv6, NAT64/DNS64, Routing.

Knowledge in Arista switches will be a plus.


If you are matching these qualifications, send us an applications to