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Kubernetes Foundation 1

For whom is it?

  • You want to learn how to setup Kubernetes clusters
  • DevOps
  • Sysadmins
  • Developers who want to understand running Kubernetes from a scratch

What is the goal of Kubernetes Foundation 1?

  • Understand the base principles of kubernetes and be able to setup a Kubernetes cluster yourself
  • Getting the good basis of working with kubernetes before continuing to Kubernetes Foundation 2

Course Size

  • Our Kubernetes setup courses are maximum 6 people per class.


Course Schedule

2022.10.17 - 2022.10.21

Course starts: 2022.10.17 Monday 9:00

Course ends: 2022.10.21 Friday 17:00

 Day   Morning (09:00-12:00)  Afternoon (14:00-17:00)
   1  T: Base Concepts  Kubernetes  P: Exploring an existing Kubernetes Cluster
   2  T: Networking Concepts and options  P: Setting up your very first cluster
   3  T: CI/CD, Gitops  P: Setting up and using argoCD 
   4  T: Storage / CSI  P: Setting up persistent storage in your cluster 
   5  P: Deploy stateful services  T/P: Recap, Q/A

T: Theory learning      P: Practical Hands-on


  Types of package   Included   Price (CHF) 
  Learning only (onsite or online)    5 days of Kubernetes course learning    4500 
  Learning + Accomodation     5 days of Kubernetes course, 5 Nights of Accomodation    4900
  Learning + Accomodation + Meals     5 days of Kubernetes course, 5 Nights of Accomodation, 3 meals a day    5350
  Learning + Meals    5 days of Kubernetes course, 3 meals a day   4950

All prices exclude VAT. 

How to apply

You can fill in a simple form for application.

Apply here

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