Black Friday
2022.11.22 - 2022.11.30

Black Friday

We prepared some exciting deals for the limited time of 2022.11.22 - 2022.11.30. Get yourself a treat with sustainable technology!

  • Deal 1: Get 50% discount on Kubernetes Hosting setup fee
  • Deal 2: Get double-up disk size for Mastodon hosting
  • Deal 3: 50% Discount for the VPN extension for VIIRB, VIWIB and VIGIR users

Deal 1. 50% discount on Kubernetes Hosting

During Black Friday sales, we offer our 50% discount for all Kubernetes Hosting setup fees.

About Kubernetes Hosting

Our Kubernetes cluster can start from 3 nodes and grow to any size. The cluster is running on dedicated hardware, and operating system is maintained by ungleich. Powered by 100% renewable energy and 100% IPv6.

Order Kubernetes hosting now and save up to 450 CHF

The one-time set up fee of Kubernetes hosting starts from 150 CHF for 3 Node cluster. Now you can pay just 75 CHF if you order during the Black Friday deals. For the 18 Node cluster, you can save 450 CHF.

How to use the discount

Go through with ordering Kubernetes cluster in the page below. As soon as our team receives your order, you will get an email from us with the setup fee payment URL with 50% discount applied.

Deal 2. Mastodon hosting with double-up disk size

Everyone who orders Mastodon Hosting during the Black Friday Sales gets double-up disk size indefinitely. Get Mastodon of your own, and you get the special deal included automatically. The offer lasts as long as you keep the instance.

  • Example: For a Mastodon Community instance with 8 Core, 12 GB RAM, 100 GB SSD DB storage, 1000 GB HDD data storage, you will get 200 GB SSD DB storage and 2000 GB HDD data storage. With this deal you can save twice the data in your Mastodon!

  • Order Mastodon Hosting with double up disk size

Deal 3. 50% Discount on IPv6 VPN extension for VIIRB, VIWIB, VIGIR users

Do you already have our star product VIWIB, VIIRB, or VIGIR? Now we offer the next year's VPN for your router with 50% discount. Our standard VPN costs 120 CHF per year, but with this deal you can have your current VPN extended for another year for just half the price. Enjoy the IPv6 router and keep your IPv6 VPN uninterrupted! Offer is valid for VIIRB, VIGIR or VIWIB users.

More Info

  • Our Mastodon hosting is running fully on renewable energy. You can find more information on it on our Masotodon Hosting page.
  • Our Kubernetes hosting is dedicated high performance service. You can find more information on it on our Kubernetes hosting page.
  • Our IPv6 VPN is running fully on renewable energy and Open Source. You can find more information on it on our IPv6 VPN page.

Any questions, you can drop us a mail to and our team will get back to you as soon as possible! Happy IPv6 Black Friday everyone!