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Why do you need IPv6?

IPv6 is not the future, IPv6 is now. More and more websites are only reachable by IPv6. IPv6 allows you to build and continue your product and services with sustainability and access newly created services. So in short: 

  • IPv6 is an enabler
  • IPv4 addresses cost you extra
  • IPv6 is easy
  • IPv6 gives power to you!

Read more on why you need IPv6 today.


The ungleich IPv6 VPN

The ungleich IPv6 VPN enables you to have IPv6 anywhere in the world. There are active VPNs in Germany, Croatia, South Korea, China, Spain, ... you name it! Coming with a /48 network, you have plenty of IPv6 space that even allows you to create more than 65'000 standard (/64) networks for yourself. One for the office, one for the coworkers, one for the servers, one for the dog and so on and on.

The underlying technology is wireguard, a secure and easy to use VPN protocol. It is supported on Linux, BSD, MacOS, and Windows. You can even use wireguard on your mobile phone!


IPv6 anywhere, anytime

​IPv6 VPN allows you to connect to the IPv6 world anywhere (we have not found a single country or region that blocks it). IPv6 VPN encrypts the traffic until the endpoint in Switzerland. Thus the IPv6 VPN allows you to originate traffic in a different country. 

Your desktop, laptop, tablet, mobile and more! Our IPv6 VPN works like a charm on the mobile environment.  


Subdividing the IPv6 space

As you receive 80 bit of IPv6 space, you can divide the network to your liking.


Swiss IPv6 addresses

With our IPv6 VPN you will get IPv6 addresses registered in Switzerland, the most neutral country of the world.


Encryption, No logging Policy

 The connection is encrypted with modern cryptographic algorithms. No network traffic is logged to preserve privacy.


Get IPv6 VPN now.

You can order the IPv6 VPN here. The yearly subscription is 120 CHF/year. There is a one-time set up fee of 30 CHF.

Yearly Subscription

One-time Setup fee

For our VM customers, we provide the VPN for FREE as long as you have an active VM. 

You can buy our VMs from the following websites: Data Center LightIPv6onlyhosting or Devuanhosting.

If you purchased a VM from one of our websites, just write to us and we will get back to you for the VPN activation.