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No IPv6 == No Power

IPv6 is here to enable you, today.

Posted on June 6, 2018

The World IPv6 Day is here! Another year, another time the same story? We don't think so. On the contrary, now it is getting more and more important. Here's why.

Shift the focus

Many times the same reasons for why you should get IPv6 were repeated. While we agree with most of them, we think it is time to change the focus of the topic.

IPv6 is an enabler

We see IPv6 similar to Open Source. IPv6 allows everyone to do MUCH MORE things and to rely MUCH LESS on third party providers. Let us give you a simple example: say you want to open a new business for selling home brewed whiskey.

Luckily you also have some tech knowledege, so you already got yourself a bar code reader and an inventory management software.

Your inventory management software has a minimalistic web shop integrated so that you could sell your whiskey directly from it.

And now it gets interesting. Without IPv6, you run into multiple problems: you might not have a static IPv4 address at all or you have to pay extra for it or or or...

IPv4 costs you extra

It comes to a clear point here. IPv4 is not only limited, but it is limiting you. We are aware that you can use port forwarding, that you can buy additional IPv4 addresses, etc. That's not the point. The point is that IPv4 costs you extra.

IPv6 is easy

Let us compare the situation with IPv6. In the IPv6 world you by default get a /64 or even /48 network. What does that mean? That by default you have more IP addresses than you can ever use in your lifetime.


More IP addresses

When people talk about IPv6 they usually claim that the great thing is that there are many more IP addresses. It is true, however, we think that it is not the most important thing here. 


More freedom for YOU

The important thing is that IPv6 enables YOU. Going back to your whiskey shop again: If you have IPv6, you don't even have to think about acquiring IP addresses. You just have them. So when you want to expose your webshop, you just open up access on your firewall. Done.

If you mum also wants to sell her home made schnaps with her own shop, you are ready by default. And even your small sister, who has an inventory management for her matchbox cars wants to join the club. Again, no problem, because you only have to open up your firewall so that her shop is also reachable.

It's your turn

So what now? We are pushing IPv6 every day: by offering IPv6 Only Virtual Machines, by offering IPv6 VPNs or by offering IPv6 boxes. It does not get much easier to get your hands dirty with IPv6!

Now it is your turn. Get yourself an IPv6 network. Either by asking your provider, by getting one from or from us.

Then setup your first service in your own IPv6 network and announce it to everyone.

And if somebody complains that they cannot reach you, just tell them to get IPv6, to give back the power to the peole.