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Bringing IPv6 to Barcelona

Why? Because it is time for IPv6.

Posted on Jan. 25, 2019

This is a joint blog post appearing at Camilion’s blog and here from ungleich.

Who are you?

Imagine, you are part of small company. You want to do business and you don't want to be stopped by non-sense all the way.

You want to be able to take your own decisions and you want to be fast and agile. You want do to stuff. You might be our friends Camilion in Spain.

If you want to do stuff, you need IPv6

So how do you make that connection (pun intendet)? Can't you just do stuff with IPv4? The answer is, sure you can, but it is

  1. not easy
  2. not affordable
  3. not future proof

Let us illustrate this a bit more in detail: It is not easy, because if you want to build prototypes, products or services and offer it from your own infrastructure (i.e. your desktop computer), you will need to fiddle around with NAT, port forwarding and likely dynamic dns. It all can be done, but it is unecessary effort.


You can argue, one can just rent a line from the ISP with more and static IPv4 addresses assigned, however this easily gets very expensive. Especially if you are a startup and you want to try out ideas.

And even if you are willing to do that, what you do is not future proof. Networks change to IPv6 and at some point in the future your services will not be reachable anymore from IPv6 only networks (this is already a problem for service providers like github, which cannot be used from IPv6 only systems).

Why do we bring IPv6 to Spain?

We are an Internet Service Provider (ISP), running 2 data centers in Glarus. All our services are built with the promise of IPv6 first. We even offer IPv6 only virtual machines (VMs). Some of our customers are interested in running IPv6 only VMs, but are unfortunately on an IPv4 connection. To allow our customers to still profit from this offer, we have launched a new product, IPv6 VPNs with wireguard. While we added some technical documentation about our IPv6 VPNs, we highly recommend that you Camilion’s, which describes wireguard in detail.

IPv6 for everyone

We think that IPv6 is an enabler. It allows you to create products and services. It allows you to create networks with ease. We think everyone should be able to have IPv6. Everyone should have a chance to build her/his project with ease. For this reason we offer the IPv6 VPNs to everyone, world-wide. Currently you can acquire them exclusively through our crowdfunding.

Update 2019-02-19: our crowdfunding is now ended and IPv6 VPN is now offered via IPv6 shop here