BGP Peering
Your own IP Space
At Data Center Light

For whom is BGP peering?

If you have your own ASN with IPv6 or IPv4 address space, you can announce it in our data centers.

What is required for BGP peering

To be able to peer with us, you will need to have IP addresses in our data center. This is the case if you have one of these products:

How to setup BGP peering

Send a mail to support -at- containing the following information:

  • Your ASN and the list of networks you intend to announce
  • Your local IP addresses

Before we can peer, ensure that all objects in the RIPE database are setup correctly. Specifically ensure that you have

  • route6 / route objects
  • inet6num / inetnum objects
  • ROA / RPKI configured

Ordering BGP Peering

Setting up peering has a 100 CHF one time fee, 60 CHF maintenance fee per year.

BGP Peering 60 CHF/year

Configuration change

  • Configuration change request 50 CHF/change