Future ready
IPv6 only Hosting


We ran out of IPv4 space by the end of 2019. While you can acquire IPv4 space on the market, it is very expensive and effectively limiting new projects to come into existence. IPv6 fixes all of this, today.

Sustainable & Simple

Compared to IPv4 only or Dual Stack VMs, IPv6 only VMs are the only ones really ready for the future. IPv4 only VMs already face the problem that they cannot reach resources in the IPv6 Internet. Dual stack VMs are increasing complexity and difficulty, especially when it comes to firewall rules and security.


Even with IPv6 only VMs you are not isolated from the legacy (IPv4) Internet. Our DNS64 and NAT64 services allow your VM to connect anywhere in the legacy Internet. And even the legacy Internet can connect to you, using an IPv4-to-IPv6 proxy!

IPv6 only hosting is giving you access to virtual machines that will become the standard tomorrow, already today. Instead of managing legacy IP VMs with NAT, creating floating IP addresses and complex firewall setups, all this burden is lifted away with IPv6 only VMs.

Additionally you can request a /64 network to be routed to your VM, for free!