Celebration 2021
2021.02.01 - 2021.02.06

IPv6VPN celebration 2021

Only a few years ago we started offering IPv6 addresses and IPv6 connectivity via the IPv6VPN. Since then the IPv6VPN is bringing IPv6 to countries on every continent in the world.

There is no day at ungleich that we are not using the IPv6VPN ourselves. And we hear great stories from people who realise IoT projects with it. And stories of people who remotely collaborate with IPv6. What all of these stories have in common is that people are enabled, are able to remotely access their computers, devices, printers - things that are simply not possible with IPv4 or at least very complex.

We cannot always share stories from our users, as we value the privacy of our users. However, the feedback and stories we have received in the last months are amazing. This is enough reason for us to celebrate the IPv6VPN in 2021 and potentially help more people to get online with IPv6.

Special IPv6VPN offer

We want to bring IPv6 to even more places in the world and thus offer you a discount if you buy 2 or more IPv6VPN related products:

  • For 2-5 products: 2% discount
  • For 6-15 producst: 6% discount
  • For 16-30 products: 10% discount

You can combine any of the following products in this offer:

This offer is valid from 2021-02-01 to 2021-02-06.

Let's bring IPv6 everywhere! Happy IPv6VPN week!