Privacy Policy

ungleich's policy on your privacy


This is version 0.1 of our privacy policy from 2021-10-04.

Privacy by default

At ungleich we are strong believers of privacy by default. That means: you don't need to opt-in for privacy and you don't need to opt-out for newsletters or marketing information. Privacy is a big concern for us and our customers.

Logging and data submission

By default all our services are configured to a minimum amount of logging. We cannot claim a zero log policy, because for operational measures (spammers, denial of service attacks, for billing) we need to log some data.

We however do not sell your data. Our business is providing services, not making money of your information.

Third party access

We minimise the amount of data that is seen by third parties. At the moment some of our websites use google analytics (for historic reasons). We plan to remove this by the beginning of 2022.

Services like our data storage, the hosted matrix chat, zero carbon VPS hosting, zero carbon chat and zero carbon cloud do not send any data to third parties by default. There might be plugins or settings that allow you to enable communication with third parties, but we do not configure them by default. Above list is not exhaustive.