IPv6 Education

Supporting and enhancing network education with a focus on IPv6


IPv6 has become the de-facto network standard in many environments. However our experience with network courses at universities is that IPv6 is not featured at all or only is only covered to a small extent.

With our IPv6 education offer we would like to assist professors, tutors and lecturers to support IPv6 in their courses.

Our knowledge

We have not only given many private IPv6 courses at ungleich, but our staff has graduated from ETH Zurich and the university of applied sciences ZHAW. We have experience in the layout and requirements of courses taught at bachelor and master level.

Our CEO Nico Schottelius has given speeches at various conferences include the RIPE 79 and multiple times at the UK IPv6 Council.

We are providing IPv6 Only Hosting and maintain the IPv6 first data center Data Center Light.

And we teach courses at the Hacking Villa Diesbach.

Offer 1: IPv6 lecture counselling

Knowing how courses look like and what professors, tutors and students expect, we can advise on how to introduce IPv6 into course material. We offer onsite and remote counselling, providing best practices. We usually base our recommendations on your current course material to simply update it for IPv6 without major changes to the course itself.

Typical counselling session:

  • Initial meeting to define objectives (1-2h)
  • Review current course material (2-5h)
  • Update of the current material by ungleich (2-5h)
  • Discussion of changes and handing over new material (2-3h)

The hourly rates for educational counselling are available at a reduced rate of 140 CHF/h.

Offer 2: IPv6 course design

If you are interested in adding a brand new network course focussed on IPv6, we can aid you in creating the course. The setting is similar to the IPv6 lecture counselling, however we will design and develop the course from scratch including your requirements.

Typical course design session:

  • Initial meeting to define objectives (1-2h)
  • Development of the first draft (2-3h)
  • Short review session (< 1h)
  • Development of the course (5-10h)
  • Final review session (2-3h)
  • Final adjustments (2-5h)
  • Final handover session (2-3h)

All material is tracked in version control during development, so it is easy for faculty to review the material in progress. This mode avoids pitfals like inappropriate material development.

Offer 3: IPv6 faculty course

If you are interested in educating your faculty to be able to teach IPv6 courses, we provide you with a tailor made IPv6 course.

Typical IPv6 faculty course session:

  • Initial meeting to define objectives (1-2h)
  • Adjustments of our IPv6 course for your use case (1-2h)
  • The course (varying - usually 2-3 days of teaching)

Offer 4: IPv6 VPN with EDU discount

In some labs and universities the Internet provider (ISP) or the central IT department cannot provide IPv6 support. To help with this issue, we offer the IPv6 VPN with a 10% education discount. Please use your department / university email for contacting us to be eligible for the education discount.

The IPv6 VPN provides you with one /48 network. Inquire the support, if require bigger networks, for instance if you want to equip the complete university with IPv6 connectivity.

  • Regular price: 120 CHF/year
  • Education price: 108 CHF/year

Offer 5: IPv6 Pro Router: PIB

The PIB is a versatile, professional router that includes the above IPv6 VPN for one year for free. It is suitable for dividing networks and isolating IPv6 traffic. Specifically useful for student projects or labs.

  • Regular price: 300 CHF
  • Education price: 270 CHF

It can be setup by our staff on-site (hourly rates apply).

Offer 6: IPv6 Mini Router: VIIRB

The VIIRB is not only the world's smallest IPv6 router, but also a very handy device if you want to add IPv6 to any IPv4 network without a hassle. The VIIRB can also be used to enable IPv6 at the student homes: simple give your students a VIIRB and your students can work on IPv6 related projects at home. It also includes the first IPv6 VPN for free.

  • Regular price: 58 CHF
  • Education price (for orders of 10 or more VIIRBs): 53 CHF