Track your Car
With IPv6
From everywhere

Tracking your car

The IPv6 car tracker is based on the VIWIB with additional add-ons. It works autonomously using a SIM card and an LTE modem.

The IPv6 car tracker package

The package contains:

  • One VIWIB including 1 year of IPv6VPN subscription
  • One USB HUB
  • One USB car charger
  • One GPS receiver

Optional components:

  • USB Camera
  • Battery (30'000 mAh)

Not included: SIM card

How to use it

Simply connect the usb car charger in your car. Then connect the VIWIB

Use cases

Finding your car by GPS

You can locate your car anywhere it is with IPv6 and GPS. The VIWIB exposes the GPS information on the standard GPS port 2947, any standard GPS visualisation can be used.

WiFi in the car

The VIWIB comes with its IPv6 everywhere that you can use to surf in the car.

Seeing your car or the environment

With the optional camera you can also spot where your car is. Simply point your browser to port 8080 of your VIWIB and see what is around!

Shipping cost

We ship world wide. If your country of residence is not in the list below, get in touch with our support and we will let you know the shipping cost.

Country Economy (no tracking) Priority (with tracking)
Switzerland 10 CHF 14 CHF
Denmark, Finland, France, 14 CHF 24 CHF
Germany, Great Britain, Iceland 14 CHF 24 CHF
The Netherlands, Romania, Spain 14 CHF 24 CHF
Sweden, Italy, Czech Republic 14 CHF 24 CHF
South Korea 16 CHF 29 CHF
US, Canada, India, Australia 23 CHF 29 CHF

How to buy it

You can order from the URLs below and send us your shipping address to

IPv6 car tracker - 213 CHF

A pre-configured VIWIB, including an USB hub, an LTE modem and a GPS tracker.

IPv6 car tracker with camera - 238 CHF

Like the base car tracker with an additional camera that allows you to see where your car is.

IPv6 car tracker with Camera and battery - 318 CHF

Includes a 30'000 mAh battery that allows your tracker to continue to run while the car is off. Lasts for about 24h. Get in touch with our support and we will let you know the shipping cost.