Black Friday
2021.11.23 - 2021.11.30

Black Friday

We prepared some exciting deals for the limited time of 2021.11.23 - 2021.11.30. Get yourself a treat with sustainable technology!

  • Deal 1: Get an IPv4 Subscription for 2 years for the price of 1 year
  • Deal 2: Get an IPv6 Router(VIIRB, VIWIB, VIGIR) and get 2 years of VPN with it
  • Deal 3: 50% Discount for the VPN extension for VIIRB, VIWIB and VIGIR users

Deal 1. IPv4 Address for 2 years for the price of 1.

During Black Friday sales, we offer our IPv4 subscription for 2 years for the price of 1 year!

About IPv4 Subscription

Our IPv4 Subscription is usable with any wireguard compatible device. Wireguard is a secure and easy to use VPN protocol: it is supported on Linux, BSD, MacOS, and Windows. You can even use wireguard on your mobile phone.

Order IPv4 Address now and save 144 CHF!

Our IPv4 address is 144 CHF per year. Now you can pay just 144 CHF for 2 year's IPv4 subscription instead of 288 CHF, you save 144 CHF.

The deal is limited to 24 IPv4 addresses.

Deal 2. VIWIB, VIGIR, VIIRB, with 2 years of free IPv6 VPN

Everyone who orders ungleich IPv6 routers (VIWIB, VIGIR, VIIRB) during the Black Friday Sales gets a router with 2 years IPv6 VPN included instead of 1 year. Buy a router now, and you get the special deal included automatically.

Deal 3. 50% Discount on IPv6 VPN extension for VIIRB, VIWIB, VIGIR users

Do you already have our star product VIWIB, VIIRB, or VIGIR? Now we offer the next year's VPN for your router with 50% discount. Our standard VPN costs 120 CHF per year, but with this deal you can have your current VPN extended for another year for just half the price. Enjoy the IPv6 router and keep your IPv6 VPN uninterrupted! Offer is valid for VIIRB, VIGIR or VIWIB users.

More Info

  • Our IPv6 VPN is running fully on renewable energy and Open Source. You can find more information on it on our IPv6 VPN page.
  • Our VIWIB is the mini WiFi Router with a versatile use. You can find more information on it on our VIWIB product page.
  • Our VIIRB is the world's smalledst IPv6 router box that lets you have IPv6 anywhere, anytime. You can find more information on it on our VIIRB product page.
  • Our VIGIR is the powerful, professional IPv6 router box that lets you do your serious work with IPv6. You can find more information on it on our VIGIR product page.

Any questions, you can drop us a mail to and our team will get back to you as soon as possible! Happy IPv6 Black Friday everyone!