Open Source

Open Source literally created ungleich

History of Open Source at ungleich

Open Source at ungleich is deeply rooted. It is actually Open Source that started ungleich in 2013: You might now that Nico, the founder of ungleich, is one of the two original authors of cdist, an Open Source configuration management system (Steven Armstrong being the other crazy person).

In 2013 a company from France requested commercial support for cdist and soon after other Swiss companies were asking for Open Source Software consultancy. This is how ungleich was originally born.

Whenever possible, we ask our customers to make the code that we create for them also Open Source and some of our customers very much welcome this approach.

In 2017 we started the Data Center Light project, which turns old buildings (like factory halls) into data centers. We realised that many problems that we solve are repeating infrastructure problems. For that reason we created the Open Infrastructure project. in 2018 to open source our infrastructure and have others profit from our experiences. Also in 2017 we released an Open Source Crowdfunding Platform together with 200ok.

We also released the ungleich-tools that we use to manage or support the infrastructure. Or you can find checkout the backup tool ccollect that we maintain. Or if you are ever in the need to track your time, we have time tracking for geeks.

Open Source at ungleich today

Almost all of our products are based on Open Source Software, which is why we contribute back to projects that we use.

While we still have our github account, most of our public code can be found on

We also think that Open Communication is important and for that reason we allow free access to our company chat via Mattermost and Matrix.

We started the Digital Glarus project to support the local community and just recently opened the Hacking Villa in Diesbach to welcome (FOSS) hackers from all around the world.

And twice per year we welcome hackers to our (strongly Open Source driven) hackathon Hack4Glarus.

Even this website is fully Open Source and if you don't like something on it, we look forward to a merge request against the ungleich-staticcms repository.

Using Open Source

So what does that now mean in practise for you? If you dislike anything at ungleich or want to modify something, you can do it. In fact, anyone can do it with the following three steps:

  • Create an account on [](]
  • Clone the project that you want to change from (you can use the account that you just created before to login to it)
  • Create a merge request

With this you can modify our website, famous cdist, uncloud and many more projects.