Mobile Internet
with IPv6

What is SIXNET?

SIXNET is an offer from ungleich to bring IPv6 enabled Internet to you. It is based on mobile (LTE, 3G/4G) Internet. The service is provided in collaboration with Digital Republic and the IPv6VPN.

Where can I get SIXNET?

SIXNET is currently only available in Switzerland. If you are a mobile provider and you would like to offer IPv6 connectivity to your customers, you can get in touch with us.

How can I use SIXNET?

The easiest way to get started is to order a pre-configured IPv6 router from us. You can choose between the following three options:

  • The VIIRB + Cat 4 USB-LTE (1 Ethernet port)
  • The VIWIB + Cat 4 USB-LTE (2 Ethernet ports, WiFi)
  • The VIGIR with builtin Cat 6 LTE mode (5 Gigabit Ethernet Ports, 2x WiFi)

For more information, checkout our IPv6 Mobile Internet Router page.

Bandwidth & Pricing

SIXNET pricing is transparent and consists of two components: the mobile subscription and the IPv6 connectivity. Note that if you decide to get one of our routers, the first year IPv6VPN is already included.

Internet Speed down Internet speed up Price per month
0.4 0.2 8
1 0.5 12
10 5 18
50 25 30
300 150 55

The listed Internet speed is the maximum bandwidth. Depending on your region, the effective speed might vary. Checkout the Sunrise coverage map for details.

0.4 Mbit/s

Choose this speed if you want to access a small amount of sensors. For instance temperature/humidity sensors. A small number of Prometheus nodes work fine with this speed.

1 Mbit/s

Choose this speed if you have more than just a few sensors or if you need low speed remote access to resources.

10 Mbit/s

This is the entrance tariff for surfing. If you rarely surf, mostly check emails or use text based services such as SSH, this is a good tariff for you. Also very suitable for holiday homes where you mostly want to relax and slow Internet is actually a feature.

50 Mbit/s

This is the regular Internet speed. Use this for 1-3 people working in an office. Also allows smooth remote access to resources.

300 Mbit/s

The fastest SIXNET speed. It's a pleasure working with this speed and you really wonder why anyone needs to have a landline. With this speed, you actually don't. Suitable for a small to mid sized office.

We recommend to order the VIGIR, if you plan to use this speed.

How to order SIXNET

To order a SIXNET Internet subscription, simply send an email to including your full name, shipping address and a scan of an ID or excerpt from the chamber of commerce (for companies only).