IPv6 ULA registry
is back
after 3 years

Happy St Nicholas Day

For St Nicholas Day we present you with something that has been requested from the IPv6 community for a while: A new IPv6 ULA registry. We have imported all the original prefixes from SixXs. The following URLs might be helpful:


The original IPv6 ULA registry was maintained by SixXS. However with the sunset event of SixXS on 2017-06-06, the database has essentially become static.

At this point we want to say many, many thanks to the SixXS project for having provided so much pioneer work and for having enabled people in embracing IPv6.

Also for providing such an early and machine-readable database - it was a pleasure importing all the historic records.

We try to continue the effort that SixXS started many years ago, just in a different era. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to join the IPv6.Chat.