The IPv6 ULA registry

We revived the sixxs ULA registry!


The IPv6 ULA registry is based on Django, Bootstrap 4 and uses LDAP authentication. It was written and designed for powering The IPv6 ULA registry.

ipv6ula is FOSS and its source code can be found on You can review the development from the Hack4Glarus in the redmine ticket.

How to install

  • git clone above repository
  • Setup a local postgresql database named "ipv6ula"
  • Copy ipv6ula/ to ipv6ula/
  • Modify settings as needed
  • Install requirements using pip install -r requirements.txt

How to import the old sixxs database

python import_sixxs_prefixes

How to run

It is a standard Django app, so you can use uwsgi or the included server for testing: python runserver.