IPv6 torrent tracker

Make your Open Source torrent IPv6 reachable


Many Bittorrent trackers are currently not reachable from the IPv6 world. So when you want to distribute Open Source Software via torrent, it will be unreachable from IPv6 only networks.


For this reason we have decided to supply an IPv6 only, fully open bittorrent tracker in Data Center Light named tracker.datacenterlight.ch.

How to use it

If you want to create a new torrent that uses this tracker, you can do so by using mktorrent. Below is an example for cdist:

mktorrent -a udp://tracker.datacenterlight.ch:6969/announce,http://tracker.datacenterlight.ch:6969/announce \
          -n cdist-6.5.0 cdist-6.5.0

You can use the following URLs:

Other IPv6 enabled trackers

IPv6 enabled peers

On vyncke.org you can also find a list of IPv6 enabled peers.