Mini Hack4Glarus 2022-03

The first Hack4Glarus since Corona started

Hack4Glarus in the Corona times

As many of you know, before Corona we had the bi-yearly Hack4Glarus in Digital Glarus. For everyone's protection, we cancelled all events. While the health aspect was the main reason to cancel the event, the logistic aspects (potentially quarantine 14 days on arrival, potentially quarantine 14 days after departure) also played a big role for us to cancel the event.

Introducing the Mini-Hack4Glarus

The measures are slowly being removed in many countries, including Switzerland. While we are taking it a bit slower at ungleich in regards to opening up, we also want to try to slowly normalise our lives.

For this reason we are launching a series of Mini-Hack4Glarus at the Hacking Villa Diesbach. Each of the Mini-Hack4Glarus will be limited in terms of participants to keep it comfortable for everyone attending.

2022-03: Mini-Hack4Glarus No. 1

The first Mini-Hack4Glarus will take place from the 18th of March to 20th of March. It is limited to 5 participants, so that we can ensure that everyone can sleep in their own room and that we have enough space.

The topic of the Mini-Hack4Glarus No. 1 is: "Corona: been there, done that". The objective is to discuss the learning of the Corona pandemic, which learnings there are from it and which role Open Source and offsite places like Digital Glarus can play in our future lives.

If you are interested in participating, submit a proposal in the Mini Hack4Glarus 2022-03 Redmine project until 2022-03-11.

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