Digital Glarus

Using digitalisation for the good


Digital Glarus is an umbrella project to support the local community to profit from the digitalisation and to support the digital community to profit from the amazing opportunities in the Canton of Glarus.

What we are doing

In 2015 we opened the first coworking space of Glarus in Schwanden, the Digital Chalet. It was not only the first coworking space, it is also the first building that was equipped with a direct fiber line, initially giving access to a 1 Gbit/s line.

Two days after opening, the first offsite happened. Our goal in 2015 was already to give people the opportunity to stay in a pretty place and still be connected to a big city like Zurich.

Since we opened in 2015, we welcomed many students (usually from the university of Zurich or ETH Zurich) from a lot of different countries (Canada, Scotland, Greece, Germany, Slovakia, ...) in the Digital Chalet.

We also organise various meetups with technical and business topics.

Due to the Digital Chalet getting crowded, we opened a new location in 2019: the Hacking Villa. We plan to turn the Hacking Villa into a school and will offer first courses in 2020.

How you can participate

If you are interested in joining us, you can contact us by mail (info at, chat or even by phone (+41 55 505 62 66).

It is possible to visit us for a day or two, or like many have, to stay longer and even stay with us permanently.