Every project and every business has invdiual needs in regards to support reachablity, infrastructure uptime and development and consultancy efforts.

We allow every project to individually select their SLA, consultancy packages and availability requirements. Below we have summarised typical selections from our customers for easy selection.

Package/Feature Business Light Business Standard Business Pro Business Pro Plus Critical Services
Working hours included (during business hours/outside business hours) 2 / 0 10 / 2 10 / 2 20 / 5 20 / 5
SLA package Business SLA Business SLA Professional SLA Professional Plus SLA Critical Services SLA
Reaction times 1 business day 1 business day 4h during business hours 4h during extended business hours 4h every day
Targetted Minimum Availability 99% 99% 99.9% 99.99% 99.999%
Pricing (CHF/month, excl. VAT) 1'078 3'919 4'429 8'290 11'022

Targetted Minimum Availability

The availability of our services is defined individually depending on the services booked. Find more information about it on the ungleich infrastructure availability page.

Business Light: 1'078 CHF/month

  • Contains Business SLA

Business Standard: 3'919 CHF/month

  • Contains Business SLA

Business Pro: 4'429 CHF/month

  • Contains Professional SLA


Business Pro Plus: 8'290 CHF/month

  • Contains Professional Plus SLA

Critical Services: 11'022 CHF/month

  • Contains Critical Services SLA