Fully Open Source
Hosted Monitoring

How it works

We setup a dedicated VM with monitoring for you: we setup & maintain the prometheus, grafana and operating system installation.

Batteries included

You receive alerting via E-Mail when you have hosted monitoring with us. By getting notified with the monitoring status you get to react fast when the system needs your attention.


The cost is made of two parts, a one-time initial setup fee and the monthly plan you choose. For monitoring we setup a dual stack VM with 1 core, 1 GB RAM, 10 GB SSD: 11.5 CHF + 100 GB Storage 2 CHF / 100GB = 13.5 CHF

One time setup fee is 30 CHF and to be paid only once at the beginning of monitoring setup. Maintenance fee 8 CHF/month is included in the monthly monitoring.

Our team will get in touch with you as soon as we receive the order.

Note: You can increase storage space with a short downtime (about 5 minutes) at any time.

Monitoring (S) 21.5 CHF/month

Monitoring (M) 36.5 CHF/month

Monitoring (L) 80.5 CHF/month


High Availability Monitoring

Our monitoring offers High Availability options: if your organisation depends on critical services we recommend to use highly available monitoring in 2 data centers.

Pricing for HA Monitoring

HA Monitoring consists of 2 VMs in 2 Data Centers, instead of 1 VM as in regular monitoring. Each VMs are configured to monitor each other and to monitor all your systems.

Price reduction for IPv6 only monitoring

Above offers are also available as IPv6 only offers. The key facts are:

  • Dashboards are also reachable by IPv4 (via our IPv4-to-IPv6 proxy)
  • Monitoring only works via IPv6
  • Uses a shared mailserver for sending emails

The price is reduced by:

  • 4 CHF/month for the regular monitoring (-9 CHF for the IPv4 address, +5 CHF for the mailservice)
  • 13 CHF/month for the regular monitoring (-18 CHF for the IPv4 addresses + 5 CHF for the mailservice)
HA-Monitoring (S) 43 CHF/month

HA-Monitoring (M) 73 CHF/month

  • 2x 2 Core/2 GB RAM/10 GB SSD/500 GB
  • Suitable for 5-10 systems
  • 30 CHF Setup fee

HA-Monitoring (L) 161 CHF/month

  • 2x 4 Core/4 GB RAM/10 GB SSD/2000 GB
  • Suitable for 20-30 systems
  • 30 CHF Setup fee