Mail Hosting:
Your Mails in Switzerland


This is a classic mail hosting. Webmail, SMTP, IMAP. Plain and simple.


Your data is saved in Switzerland and stored 3 times on our CEPH storage cluster.

Zero Carbon Infrastructure

Data Center Light runs a zero carbon infrastructure. Read more about it.

This mailhosting is mainly targeted for low volume, single person or single system usage. If you need a mail gateway for sending system logs or if you just need an easy to use mail account, this is the right product.

This product is feasible for normal use of email. Spamming is prohibited and will lead to suspension and/or terminaton of your account.

If you are interested in a legit high volume mail traffic product, contact us for an individual offer.

What you get

  • A single mailbox account (
  • Up to 100 mail aliases
  • Up to 100GB usage (additional storage: 100GB for 2 CHF/month)
  • Access via SMTP, IMAPS and Webmail


The one time setup fee is 15 CHF, the monthly recurring fee is 7 CHF per month.

You can order it by sending an email to support at