Easy to use
Great support
Reducing workload

A Support System

The hosted support system enables you to easily organise support requests. You can

  • Receive requests from your customers
  • Organise tickets in different groups
  • Assign tickets to your team
  • Reply to your customers directly
  • Have an auto responder ("Thanks for reaching out")
  • Easily handle spams

How to use it

With our hosted support system you get a url such as https://support.ungleich.ch. Your team can login to the system and work on requests. Your customers or users can either correspond with you via email or login to the support system directly to manage their tickets.

Fully Open Source and IPv6 enabled

The hosted support system is completely based on Open Source Software components. From the operating system to the software stack, nothing is closed.

Tech Stack

Zero Carbon

The hosted support system is running in our Zero Carbon Data Center.

How to order

As the support system can be setup for very different use cases, we recommend to contact us at support -at- ungleich.ch to discuss how you would like to have your system setup.