First Month Free
For Women
In Tech

We are really excited to finally offer this. First month for free for all women who want to use our zero carbon servers.

First month free for women in tech

Are you a woman? Are you into technology? Seriously, there aren't enough of you, we want to see more of you! To enable more women to use our clean-energy servers we give you the first month free for any monthly or yearly product that you order on

on 2020-03-08.

How to get the first month for free

Order a monthly or yearly plan on 2020/03/08 at our web shop and go through the checkout, and send us the following message to or Twitter @ungleich "I am a woman and I am into tech!" As soon as our team checks your message, we will apply the first month free for your order. It will take 5 to 7 days for the amount to reach back to your account.

I'm busy marching outside for women's rights, can't order stuff online!

It's awesome you're marching outside on Women's Day! We support you even more! Just let us know which women's right cause you were marching for by dropping a line to Twitter @ungleich, and you can place the order later. We will give you free month deal if your order comes in until the next Wednesday, 2020/03/11.