Penguin Day 2020 (Closed)

Draw your own cute penguin and get 10% discount

2020-01-06: The first penguin day in 2020!

You might already know, we are really into penguin comics.

So much that we would love to see your penguin drawings. And because we like penguins so much, we give you a 10% discount on any virtual machine from Data Center Light or IPv6 Only Hosting for anyone who sends us a penguin drawing!

How it works

Draw your own penguin or a penguin comic and tweet it to @ungleich by latest 2020-01-06 midnight (CET) and follows us so that we can send you a DM on how to use your discount.

The discount can be redeemed until 2020-01-31 and applies to a VM of any size (i.e. smallest to biggest and everything in between). The discount stays for as long as the VM stays active.