Visit a zero carbon data center

Posted on 2020-01-07 by Nico Schottelius

From time to time we get the question "Are you really a zero carbon data center? How do you proof it?".

As we use a local hydro power plant and local solar panels, we don't have CO2 compensation certificates, because, well, we don't compensate, but don't emit in the first place.

Don't take our word

But why should you believe us? Maybe all those nice pictures we post are just taken from a stock photograph website? And the answer is: You don't need to.

Inspect yourself

Instead of believing us, we invite you to visit us, the Data Center Light in the heart of Digital Glarus. We invite you to visit, to take pictures, to convince yourself. To post the pictures and to share it.

To have a look at the hydro power plant (its loud!), the solar panels (luckily not loud) and the server infrastructure. You will not even find any cooling mechanism, because we don't cool our servers.

Visit and stay

If just visiting to find out whether or not our claim is true sounds like wasting a lot of resources, then why don't you even stay with us and work or relax?

We can provide you with a place to sleep and stay over in the Hacking Villa or the Digital Chalet, where you can work with a 10 Gbit/s connection that goes directly to the data center.


Here at ungleich we believe that full transparency is required to establish trust. This is also why we launched the Open Infrastructure project, which describes our internal infrastructure. This is also why Data Center Light is solely based on Open Source Software.

And on top of all of this, we think that Glarus is already worth a visit just for enjoying the very pretty view. Glarus is a lot like a fairy tale, just in reality.

How to visit

Just reach out to us by email (info at, chat or twitter and we will share information of how and when to best reach us with you.