Surprise 14:
20% off
10 TB Storage

10 TB HDD Storage with a 20% discount

Store your data in our secure data center for a whole year, protected by Swiss privacy laws and powered by renewable energy. Only available for 10 orders.

About the product

  • 10 TB HDD Storage
  • 1 year subscription
  • Can be attached to your VM or Nextcloud instance
  • Data stored at our datacenter run by 100% renewable energy in Glarus, Switzerland.

The discount

  • The standard price for 100 GB HDD Storage is 1.5 CHF per month, and 150 CHF per month for 10 TB.
  • The price with 20% discount is 120 CHF/month.
  • In a yearly plan, you pay 1440 CHF instead of 1800 CHF. You save 360 CHF.

How to buy it

You can order from the following link and let us know where you want to have the storage. You can attach the storage to your VM or your Nextcloud instance.

Our team will set up the storage in 1 business day and give you the access.

The payment link is visible as long as the deal is available.

Order 10 TB HDD Storage for a year with a 20% discount