Surprise 10:
One month for free

IPv6 VPN for a year, with one free month

We want to enable anyone, anyone with IPv6. We are giving out IPv6 VPN for a year with one month discount. Only available for the fastest 10, grab it while you can.

About the product

  • Base technology: Wireguard
  • Supported on Linux, BSD, MacOS, iOS, Windows, Android.
  • 1 year subscription
  • Encrypts the traffic until the endopoint in Switzerland
  • 80 bit of IPv6 space
  • Connection is encrypted, no network traffic is logged
  • VM is running with 100% renewable energy(hydropower) in our datacenter in Glarus, Switzerland.

The discount

  • The standard price for IPv6 VPN is 120 CHF for a year.
  • The price with one month discount is 110 CHF for a year. You save 10 CHF. You get to keep your discount next year as well, as long as your VPN subscription is active.

How to get it

You can order from the following link. The payment link is visible as long as the deal is available.

Order IPv6 VPN for a year with one month discount

Our team will set up the VPN in 1 business day and give you the access.

Getting Wireguard public key

To get started with your VPN, you will need to install Wireguard and send us your public key.

  1. Install Wireguard

  2. Create your private key: umask 077; wg genkey > privkey

  3. Get your public key wg pubkey < privkey

  4. Send us the public key to support at