Surprise 04:
10% off
Zero Carbon Cloud 100GB

A yearly Zero Carbon Cloud with 10% discount

You can order our Zero Carbon Cloud 100 GB plan for a year with 10% discount. Only available for 10 orders, grab it while you can.

About the product

  • Nextcloud instance
  • Suitable for MacOS, Linux, Windows, and on mobile and tablet.
  • 1 year subscription
  • 1 IPv6 VPN is included for increased security
  • Enhanced security by limiting access to only your devices
  • Fully scalable storage and backup
  • Unlimited bandwidth under fair use policy
  • Safe data storage protected by Swiss privacy laws
  • VM is running with 100% renewable energy (hydropower) in our datacenter in Glarus, Switzerland.

The discount

  • The standard price for Zero Carbon Cloud is one-time 35 CHF for setup, 25 CHF for monthly fee.
  • The price with 10% discount: 22.5 CHF/month
  • For the whole year you pay 305 CHF instead of 335 CHF. You save 30 CHF.
  • Prices exclude VAT.

How to buy it

You can order from the following link and write us the domain name you want for the cloud to support at

You can choose any domain name for your cloud under our domains or for free, for example or

Our team will set up the cloud in 1 business day and give you the access.

Order a Zero Carbon Cloud 100 GB for a year with 10% discount