South Pole meets ungleich

Posted on 2020-06-15 by ungleich

Where penguins meet

Do you know where penguins live? Probably all of us assume that they live at the South Pole. That is correct. And it is a really fascinating story how penguins meet. If you haven't seen the movie, we can highly recommend it!

But did you know that penguins also live and meet at other places? For instance in Africa. Or in the case of the penguin companies South Pole and ungleich: in Switzerland.

This blog post is about how penguins and ethical values brought South Pole and ungleich together.

Who is South Pole?

South Pole is a 350-people team of passionate climate experts with its headquarters in Zürich. It provides global climate solutions and develops projects for companies and organizations embarking on their Climate Journey, which includes assessing their carbon footprint and climate risks, green investments, carbon neutrality, and renewable energy.

Started as a handful of people with great ideas back in 2006, now their offices are spread over 18 countries, including Singapore, London, Amsterdam, Sydney, Stockholm, and more. And most importantly: their mascot is a penguin, and the team calls themselves the Penguins.

Sustainability, Switzerland, penguins?! Instant love for us.

We recommend that you take a look at the South Pole blog that covers inspiring projects such as forest conservation, wild animal protection, clean water project for local communities, and many more.

Sustainability at ungleich

A few years ago ungleich started building data centers in the Canton of Glarus in Switzerland. This valley does not only offer a gorgeous view, but was the home of the weaving industry for more than a century. And it's our luck and privilege to build on top of this heritage.

Our focus is on re-using and re-modeling buildings from this time. Many factory halls in Glarus also come with on-site hydropower plants, which allows us to run servers on 100% renewable, locally produced power.

Not only do we re-use old buildings, but with recycled hardware, we were all in for creating a data center that is as sustainable as possible.

When we started this project it was not 100% clear for us what kind of people would be interested in this kind of hosting.

More and more we are realising that how we started and continued our journey has actually brought us the best kind of people. The kind who shares our visions of sustainable technology and understands the value of what we do. So such was the case for team ungleich and team South Pole. We love that those whom we provide our services to have the same mission as we do. Enabling and supporting like-minded people with what we have built has been a really exciting journey for our team.

Continuing our work on sustainability together

South Pole is offering a variety of Sustainability Solutions in all kinds of areas. At ungleich we focus on sustainable hosting in the Data Center Light, the renewable energy-powered data center in the Alps. And we are proud to say that South Pole hosts data in the Data Center Light.

Together we can make a change for a better world.

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